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Comprehensive Immigration Solutions
For Persons of Extraordinary Ability & Investors

We'll keep you up-to-date as we navigate the U.S. immigration process together. You deserve to be fully informed at all times.


Rather than simply making decisions on your behalf, we'll educate you on your options and help you strategize a plan.


Once we've established your goals and determined a plan of action, we'll work tirelessly toward your ideal outcome.

Immigration Attorney in New York, NY

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Chaka Benjamin

Attorney at Law

Chaka Benjamin often speaks of the ever-changing nature of U.S. immigration law. It is a constantly shifting landscape that requires determination and a strong attention to detail. In his more than 16 years of legal practice, Attorney Benjamin has established a track record of success. Discover how he can help you pursue your desired U.S. immigration outcome.


"I believe knowledge is power, which is why I do my best to make my clients feel educated as we navigate the immigration process."

Attorney Chaka Benjamin

Guidance for your Employment-based
Immigration Case

At Chaka Benjamin, Esq. we help artists, fashion models, educators, scientists, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and other skilled professionals, as well as their families, navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration laws and regulations. We work with our clients to determine the best-suited visa category to apply under to ensure they are ideally positioned.

Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about your U.S. immigration visa options. From O-1 to E-2 visas and other employment related solutions, we're prepared to help you decide the ideal path forward. From our office in New York, New York, we are proud to serve clients around the world as they seek temporary or permanent U.S. residence.

Our Area of Focus

Why Work with Us?

Not only are we passionate about the law, but we also care deeply about the people we represent. No matter what stage of the immigration process you're currently at, we're ready to guide you toward your desired result.

As we make our way through the various U.S. immigration-related procedures, we want to make sure you feel heard and understood at all times. Once you've described your unique situation and your goals, we will outline your options and collaborate on a strategic plan of action.

Attorney Benjamin is able to establish genuine connections with his clients because he takes the time to get to know their stories and their hopes for the future.

When so much is at stake, you deserve to work with an attorney who can provide you with professional and efficient guidance. Start your path toward a brighter future by contacting us today.