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Chaka Benjamin

Attorney at Law

Chaka Benjamin is well versed in the processes surrounding U.S. immigration law. Prior to helping clients seek solutions to their cases, Attorney Benjamin went through the immigration process himself. Inspired by his own experience, he saw an opportunity to help others in similar situations by pursuing a career as a U.S. immigration attorney.

In 2004, Chaka Benjamin earned his Juris Doctor from The Howard University School of Law. After honing his legal acumen at a handful of law firms, Attorney Benjamin later opened his solo practice in 2012. He has since dedicated his career to advising persons of extraordinary ability and investors, as well as their families, during their petition or application for an employment related visa, acting as their dedicated advocate through every step of the process.

Clients He Represents

Attorney Benjamin’s practice focuses on helping foreign nationals of extraordinary ability and investors seek the solutions they need to work in the U.S. If you're in need of an O-1 or E-2 visa, let Attorney Benjamin be your skilled advisor. He has provided effective legal counsel to a variety of professionals, including:

  • Artists

  • Fashion Models

  • Educators

  • Scientists

  • Executives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Investors

  • And others

In addition to advising clients on employment-based immigration matters, Attorney Benjamin also represents clients in family-sponsored matters as well. Schedule a consultation at his office in New York, New York, today to learn more about his services.

"My job is to educate you on your options and help you make an informed decision on how best to proceed."

A Collaborative Approach

Attorney Benjamin begins all of his cases by listening to his clients tell their unique stories. Once he has a clear understanding of their goal, he uses his years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge to recommend potential paths forward.

Attorney Benjamin collaborates one-on-one with his clients to make sure they're fully informed throughout every phase of the U.S. immigration process.

When you work with Attorney Benjamin, you get a dedicated legal partner. He recognizes that the immigration process is ever-changing, making it difficult to go through alone. You can count on him for knowledgeable guidance and diligent advocacy.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are a person of extraordinary ability or an investor in need of U.S. immigration solutions, turn to an attorney whose focus is to help you pursue your dream in America. Reach out to Chaka Benjamin, Esq. to request a consultation of your case. He is prepared to help you apply for an O-1, E-2 or other employment related visa solutions.

When you meet with Attorney Benjamin, he knows you may be feeling overwhelmed by the legalities surrounding the U.S. immigration system. He explains the information you need to know in language that's easily understandable. Before moving forward, he aims to ensure that you are fully aware of your options and what the process may look like.

From his office in New York City, Chaka Benjamin represents clients worldwide. Contact him today to get the answers you need for your U.S. immigration case.